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Duration: 4 months
Pre-requisites: CMR Fundamentals Course

This course is designed for those that want to help friends and family or want to supplement the work they already do with their clients applying the Basic skills of the CMR Process. It also includes interactive practice with other students via phone or in person, and some reflective written assignments.

When you successfully complete the CMR Practitioner training, you will feel confident and ready to use the CMR Basic Process with others. You will also receive a Certificate of completion, and are eligible to progress on to CMR Facilitator training any time within the first 1 year of completion, should you so desire.

In this valuable training you'll learn:

How to bring the CMR Process alive while working with others.

How to help them access and release the pain body and

How to support them to release the blockages at a cellular level.

How to discover and de-activate the negative self-image and the inner talk.

How to experience in yourself, the power and transformation that occurs when you facilitate the process in another person.

How to have the confidence to continue into the Facilitator training should you choose that option.

How to feel empowered knowing that you certainly can do it!

In this course, the students will participate at:

8 online classes (1.5 hours long, twice a month during 4 months), where they will learn the CMR Basic techniques applied to others.

4 one-hour pod meetings in groups of 3 students, to do practice assignments. (once a month for 4 months)

Ending written assignment (reflective)

IMPORTANT: If the student is going to continue taking the CMR Facilitator Training, they are also required to:

  • BIMONTHLY, send a self-evaluation report to CMR International before the ending of the two month period.
  • BIMONTHLY, send the reports of the practice done both on themselves and others.
  • Submit the practice reports of:
    • - 8 reports of sessions facilitated to others, and
    • - 8 reports of sessions received from other students.
    • - 4 reports of self applied interventions.
    • - One book report
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