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What I’ve learned from the departure of an ex-patient

Sunday, October 9th, 2011







A few weeks ago, I heard through the social media that an ex-patient of mine had passed away. Almost twenty years had
passed since the last time I heard from him.
When he was my patient, I was practicing natural medicine and acupuncture.
At that time he was dealing with depression and internal suffering and I remember being puzzled by his situation; even though, I was doing my best, I didn’t know how to REALLY help him!

I was a blind person guiding another blind person!

He was my patient before I had some experiences that radically changed my life.  Those experiences and the things I learned from them gave birth to the CMR process that I am teaching and applying today.
When I was told that he had committed suicide, I was not surprised.  Although thinking about his life and the choices he made were very sad to me.
He and his wife were financially well off, had two teenagers, his law practice was very successful, he had built himself quite a reputation, and he had many friends. He lived an active life and accomplished much to be proud of.
A few days, later I was told that he hung himself one evening, and that his family found him dead when they came back home that night.
A few minutes after learning this, I noticed something happening to me. ?
It became more and more intense, and I had to stop everything I was doing.
I was feeling discomfort in my stomach and a lot of pressure in my head, and I felt so weak that I had to lie down.
I allowed myself to feel what was happening to me.
I was going through the very process that transformed my life more than a decade ago, and that I now teach in all my classes; the process of Pain Body Release.
I realized that I never got to teach it to this man.
After a few minutes, I noticed that the negative emotional charge started moving through and away from my body, and I was able to clearly see what was going on. I realized that his pain had not gone away with him.
His pain had been passed to those closest to him: His children.
In that moment, I also knew that his pain will travel through his descendents until hopefully some day, one of them will stop and take responsibility for the inner work that my ex-patient didn’t know how to do himself.

We are energy beings.
What we don’t resolve ourselves, passes on to those who come after us.
If we don’t take care of it, they’ll have to take care of it for us.

I call this, “The ECONOMY of EMOTIONS”

‘What you owe will one day be collected. If you don’t pay it yourself, someone else will pay it for you.”
So many problems and unnecessary pain can be avoided by having EMOTIONAL EDUCATION!
Because of this experience, I would like to give a limited number of people the opportunity to meet with me for half an hour?
This is a complementary orientation meeting for those who feel that they “have every reason to be happy but are unhappy”
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I hope this meeting will give you the clarity to find the next step towards the
life you want for yourself and those close to you.

In awarenes and healing,

Luis Diaz

CMR International