Where is your ship going?

Today I want to sharewith you a story that created a very positive impact in my life. Would you like to know what is it?

One of my mentors told me once;

“Have you noticed that only a moving ship may change its course? If the ship is still, there is no chance of any correction.”

This simple concept became a very powerful tool for me. It helped me change the way I perceived my life and the way I handled my most important decisions.  I use this story often with my clients and students and I noticed that it has consistently produced effective and sustainable changes for many of them.

In this analogy, the ship is our life and each of us is the captain!

We are sailing in the middle of the ocean of life and whether we like it or not, we always have a direction. We are always going somewhere. Sometimes our path is clear to us but other times it can be very confusing and even frightening!


Think of an area in your life that you feel could use improvement. Pay attention to your behavior in that area and what happens as a result. You may choose the area of relationships, health, career, finances, or your life purpose.

If you would like to work in more than one area, choose one at a time and do this process for each of them separately. Now ask yourself:

Where will I end up if I keep my ship on this course?

Where will I end up in this area of my life?

Notice how important it is for you to find a solution for this area.

Please, take notes about your discoveries and observations.

Now, take your time and look at your possible future if you fail to resolve the issue in this area of your life.

What happens? What do you notice? How does it feel?

If what you see generates neutral or positive feelings in you, you don’t need to change what you are doing. If what you see generates stress, worry, or other negative feeling, then it is time to move in a different direction in this area.

Nearly a century ago, a teacher named George Gurdjieff said:

“To know a person’s future, take a look at
their present situation. That person will continue to endlessly create the same
patterns throughout their life unless they make the conscious choice to change their habits.”

Now, ask yourself once more:

What will my future be like in 5 or10 years if I don´t change my direction?

What is the cost of not making this change?

Write your answers on paper, and add any other observations that may arise.

It is very important that you give yourself enough time and space for this subject. So, take your time. Sit with it. Your life is being created this very moment!


Awareness is the first step towards REAL transformation.

And it is precisely in relation to this awakening in each of us, that I want to tell of a new project for the months to come.

Between now and March 2012, I will be helping those “captains” who want to learn how to take control of their lives and make that long desired CHANGE.

Because of the limited amount of time available, I will be selecting 4 people per month to work with personally.

In order to help me with this selection, those who are interested will have to apply to a preliminary interview with me. This interview will last 60 min. Its absolutely CONFIDENTIAL and free of charge. (Nominal Value $250)

Besides finding out if the program I created is for you and if it is a good fit, in this personal and private meeting with me:

- You will be able to see MORE CLEARLY what you want and where you want to go in life. What kind of life do you want to have?

- Discover the BUILDING BLOCKS needed to create the future you want for yourself.

Do you have a dormant potential waiting to be discovered?

Are you living the life you came here for?

Have you become sidetracked?

- You will identify the OBSTACLES that keep you from achieving the fulfillment you are looking for.  What would your life be like if you got rid of these obstacles?

- You will see with more clarity the ACTIONS you need to take TODAY to effectively reach your desired results.

What is the first step you need to take to begin to change the course of your ship?

- You will leave this meeting feeling CLEAR and CONFIDENT, and you will know what to do to begin your life transformation.

If you feel in your heart that this could be for you, please sign up to receive the application:



In awareness and healing,
Luis Diaz


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