Neural Net Repatterning – Cutting Through the Veil of “Conditioned Reality”

Pain is the most important fuel for evolution and transformation.  And if we know how to use it we can really transform our whole life and the planet.

The point is that we don’t know how to use it. We are taught that pain is bad and not suppose to happen, and if it happens then you are wrong or somebody else is wrong. We are trained in this “victim mentality” and patterns where we are always complaining.

Pain is transformational and is always representative of growth in awareness and consciousness. The path for enlightenment is a transformation of pain.

The transformation of pain requires:
•Being Vigilant
•Not believing what my mind is telling me
•Not believing what other minds are telling me

That is the only way to bring light to the submerged part of the iceberg so it melts down and is no longer under the water. Pain is actually our best friend but we don’t know how to communicate with it.

When there is pain, there is a LIE that is active. What is the neural pathway that is being activated? Something is telling you a story that is not true. So investigate your mind to find out what is going on; where is the lie?

The neural pathways start changing when you bring in AWARENESS. You start waking up to who you really are and realize you’ve been faking all this time. You realize you were performing. “I wasn’t being real with my mother, with my husband, with my children, and with my family.” When you start waking up to those neural pathways that were supporting that image, they start slowly being deactivated.

We stop believing in who we are when we are so young. The very nature of a baby, of a toddler is so welcoming, is so embracing to life, is so open, and is so innocent, that even with all of the negativity and all the dysfunction that could be happening around him, even if it hurts – the baby absorbs it.

There is so much goodness there!

It’s like, “no matter how bad you are to me, I embrace you. You become part of me.”  That is what happens. That’s why we are so easily programmed. It’s like a virgin hard-drive.

“And because I love you so much, you are my mother, you are my father, or whoever – my siblings. I love you so much, I take you all, no matter how dysfunctional, how negative, or how much pain you have.”

Unconditional love is that very thing that allows our programming to happen so fast. And then you find toddlers that already have a lot of dysfunction going on. They are  already treating them for neurological or behavioral disorders.

That positive emotional charge that is so welcoming is our nature, is who we are, and is part of us. Denying it is what hurts so much. It’s all about ignorance. This happens because we don’t know.

The Buddha said that, suffering happens because of ignorance. Ignorance is the foundation of all suffering. So now you know. So you don’t have excuses to keep lying to yourself. Now you know, so the level of responsibility with yourself is higher now.

excerpted from the DVD, “Neural Net Repatterning”

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