CMR Process

The "felt" organic experience of releasing what you are not

CMR functions at a level that requires a willingness to open and explore the voices of your mind and heart.

  • If there is no willingness, there is no asking.
  • If there is no asking, there is no surrender.
  • If there is no surrender, there exists a barrier to the infinite possibilities.

The power of your own intention is your greatest ally or obstacle in allowing real healing to happen. When there is surrender, there is a setting aside of ego and agenda. What is left is deep listening; not the common form of listening through your ears, but a “sensory awareness” deep within your own source. There have been many labels attempting to describe this “awareness” - intuition, Holy Spirit, Consciousness, Presence, Oneness, The Unmanifest - it doesn’t really matter what you label it. What is certain to allow that to come forth and guide the process is to bring awareness to your life and open yourself to inner freedom and healing that has always been available to you.

The goal of asession is to experience, or journey into the unknown. There is really no linear sequence in Cellular Memory Release. An effective synthesis of tools help support you through the maze of your own consciousness and lead you to a place of permanent healing and awareness. Just as energy behaves at the quantum level, this process fosters mere "possibilities" to heal the holistic being that you are.

The elements of this process are:

  • One or more unconscious belief patterns are revealed through inquiry.
  • One or more repressed cell memories are revealed through kiniesiology.
  • Layers of negative emotional charge associated with the memories stored in the cells are brought into “awareness.” They are then felt, released and transformed into positive emotional charge. This dynamic is highly spontaneous. We also call this experiential process “Pain Body Release”.
  • One or more Electrical/Emotional Corrections are determined and applied to support the healing process. These can vary from very simple corrections to ones with more depth and involvement. It all depends on what is necessary to support the healing of the wound(s).
  • Special activities and life changes may be necessary to further support the process and ground the session permanently into your being.

The most important element is "taking responsibility" for your life after the session is complete. You accept your life as it is with intention to shift it in a way that supports and resonates with your authentic self. The key to realizing this is through the power of being present to your life. This power lies deep within the Cellular Memory and has always been there and will never leave. It can heal and transform anything.

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