We now have a complete line of training courses in CMR to meet a wide range of needs:

If you want to learn the CMR tools, you can take the: 

– CMR Fundamentals: For those who wish to learn the CMR Process for THEIR OWN healing and transformation.

If you want to learn the CMR tools to HELP OTHERS in your family or professionally, you can take the:

– CMR Certified PRACTITIONER FACILITATOR Training (Levels 1 & 2):

For those who are interested in learning how to apply the CMR Process to others or within their professional practice, offering private sessions both, online or at their office.

– CMR Certified MASTER FACILITATOR Training (Levels 3 & 4): This training is OPTIONAL for those who have taken level 1 & 2 and wish to add the advanced CMR techniques to their practice. And for those who want to build a successful practice giving private sessions or facilitating groups, classes or workshops, both online or at a physical location.

CMR Certified PRACTITIONER FACILITATOR Training (Levels 1 & 2)

This professional training will give you everything you need to be able to give private sessions at your office or online.

Everything you’ll learn will be VERY PRACTICAL because we want to be sure that you are ready to run CMR session with confidence and efficiency. The theory that supports this work is extensive and we’ll also show you where to find it if you want to know more about it.

After opening the classes, you will have to apply the tools you to yourself and then to your classmates online.

The training starts once a year, and it’s 100% ONLINE. You’ll do it entirely, form the comfort of your home.

– It is structured in two, 4 months levels each one. (Levels 1 & 2)
– The INTRODUCTORY COURSE starts the moment you register.

This training has been designed so that you will:

  • Activate a deep personal transformational process that will trigger healing and self-empowerment in yourself.
    Your life won’t be the same after this training!
  • Learn how to discover in yourself and in others, ancestral programs imprinted in the cellular memory.
  • Learn how to unlock the extraordinary wisdom stored in your body, while helping your clients do the same.
  • Remove your own obstacles and guide others to remove their own, accessing their potential for peace, freedom and wellbeing.
  • Receive personalized support and mentoring throughout the whole training.


transformar el miedo y enojo
  • Become an specialist in supporting others to transform the Pain Body into the Joy Body.

The CMR Facilitator Training is for you, if…

  • You want to take advantage of working with Luis Diaz, the creator of the CMR process.

  • You are determined and committed to deepening your own healing and transformation.
  • You are interested in been an active agent for the change humanity needs so badly now days.
  • You are focused on finding possibilities, to improve your life and the lives of others.
  • You want to improve your professional practice using innovative and effective practical tools.
  • You want to influence your environment, while contributing to a change in global consciousness.
  • You value personalized support in your learning process.
  • You recognize the importance of learning from the experience of other certified facilitators.

Training IS NOT for those …

  • Who keep their profession separate from their life and are looking forward to the end of the day to get back home.

  • Who likes to complain and have the habit to focus on the lack of possibilities.

  • Who judge, criticize and blame their “patients” when things ‘are not going as well’.

  • Who are always training in new techniques, but don’t apply what they learn to themselves.

  • Who practice their profession only as a way to make an income, survive and pay the bills.

  • Who are only interested in having “patients” who depend on them and keep coming back endlessly..



  • Is all online and takes 9 months to complete.

  • It doesn’t require any previous training as a health professional.

  • Includes the CMR Process Introductory course and

  • Levels 1 and 2 (4 months each one)

  • You’ll get a CMR Facilitator certificate after graduation.

  • Your professional profile accesible at the CMR website.

la memoria celular

Would you like to add these state-of-the-art tools to your professional practice?

Would you like to learn the CMR Process to apply it to your loved ones or friends?

The CMR PRACTITIONER FACILITATOR Training is designed for those who want to effectively include and apply the CMR Process during personalized sessions both, online or at your office.

Each module consists of video classes, live group coaching sessions and personal private meetings with a personal mentor and with Luis Díaz, the creator of the training.

When you take the online CMR PRACTITIONER FACILITATOR Training you’ll receive:

  • Access to our members platform where you’ll find everything you need for your training
  • 24 (twenty four) very practical, recorded VIDEO-CLASSES that you can watch as many times as you need.
    a new class access opens up every 10 days, to give you time to complete your practices and create your reports.
  • All the files to download, print and build your personal TRAINING MANUAL.
  • 8 (eight) LIVE GROUP ONLINE CLASSES with Luis Díaz, the creator of the training.
    Each two recorded classes, you’ll have access to a live meeting with the group and your mentor.
  • A personal mentor who will answer your question 24-7.
  • 3 (three) PRIVATE SESSIONS with a CMR Certified Facilitator.
  • On going supervision in a PRIVATE ONLINE GROUP.
  • 10 (ten) personal and private MEETINGS with Luis Díaz. (Once a month)

This training has LIMITED SPACE

In order to obtain the optimal results we know possible, we keep the groups small in order to give each of our students the personalized attention the require.

FIRST STEP if you are interested:

Apply for a personal 30’ interview (free of charge) with your instructor.
Due to our need for clarity and quality that we want to give our students, we have designed a process that requires that you apply to an interview with Luis Díaz via phone, Skype or Whatsapp.

During this interview, you will also be able to clarify all your doubts about investment, payment plans and scholarships available at this time. If you are ready to apply, please leave your information in the form below.

la memoria celular

Watch what people has to say!

CMR TRAINING (Levels 1 and 2)

– Regular price: $3900

– One payment (30% discount): $2750. You save $1150.

– 10 payments of $290 (you save $1000) or

– 12 payments of $242 (you save $1000)

CMR Certified MASTER FACILITATOR Training (Levels 3 & 4):

If you are interested in having a personal meeting with Luis Diaz, the training instructor
or you have more questions, send us an email to

Or a Whatsapp to: +1 530 713 7213. Thank you!


Certified MASTER FACILITATOR Training (Levels 3 & 4):

This training is OPTIONAL for those who have taken level 1 & 2 and wish to add the advanced CMR techniques to their practice. And for those who want to build a successful practice giving private sessions or facilitating groups, classes or workshops, both online or at a physical location.


Partial scholarships are available for those students going through special situations.
Please, inquire about details at

Your instructor Luis Díaz


Luis Angel Díaz is the creator and instructor of this online training program.
He personally supervises each student individually in monthly meetings with them. He supports them in knowing themselves, discovering their gifts, bringing clarity to the best version of themselves and achieving greater well-being, purpose and enjoyment.

Since 1999, Luis specializes in the creation of personal transformational processes like CMR-Cellular Memory Release, a methodology tested by thousands of people all over the world.
CMR is a very practical process designed to create a higher quality of life both, in people’s health and in their personal and professional relationships, removing the obstacles resulting from past emotional wounds and negative patterns.

He is also the author of the Best-Seller: “Memory in cells, how to heal our behavioral patterns”, published in 5 languages.