Introducción from Luis Diaz

The purpose of CMR private sessions is to guide you to connect deeply with the information stored in your body since the moment you were created. You’ll be accessing your body’s intelligence to expose the negative patterns that are affecting and running your life, deactivating them and then reprogramming them.

During these sessions, I’ll hold your hand walking together through your ‘inner landscape’, opening the door to internal places where you’ll find the main obstacles that are preventing you from accessing your maximum potential for wellbeing, creativity, freedom.

There are three main levels to be activated in the CMR sessions:



Level 1 – Healing the wounds of your past.


This level of intervention is designed to guide you to effectively deactivate old unconscious structures that are causing conflict and suffering for you and your loved ones. You’ll begin to heal what happened in the past that still conditions your life, affecting your health, your relationships and or, your professional life.

When I say ‘your past’ I mean, early childhood or even before, intrauterine experiences or trans-generational conditioning passed down from your ancestors.

After healing and releasing these patterns, you will be able to leave your painful history behind once and for all, make peace with yourself and others and start creating a different life from now on!


Level 2 – Transforming the future by living in the present.


I am convinced that our future is transformed in the present, when we heal and change the patterns that have been affecting us. Thought patterns generate assumptions, convictions, expectations and judgments that determine our actions and behaviors. During the CMR sessions you’ll have the opportunity to break free from these patterns and learn a process that will help you free yourself from personal and social conditioning, leading to greater authenticity, well-being and freedom.

While transforming old negative patterns into healthy ones, you will learn how to develop your hidden gifts and talents. You’ll have the opportunity to change and transform important areas of your life like; the connection with yourself, your connection with others, your health and well-being, your sexuality and intimacy, your vocation, your professional life and your relationship with money. At this level of intervention, you will learn how to maintain the changes. 

The conscious shifts that these sessions trigger in you, will empower and strengthen your inner guidance system, affecting how you make decisions in the present that certainly will define your life in the future!


Level 3 – Awakening to whom you really are.

In my experience, it’s very common to see how our authentic self is hidden under layers and layers of fantasies and stories that we’ve been told ourselves throughout our life.

One of the main factors that are stimulated through the CMR sessions is the state of presence. We need to develop presence in order to deepen self-knowledge, to uncover the places that require healing and to maintain the connection with our authentic being.

As you get used to living in this new state of being, living a more real, free and inspired life increases progressively.

If what you’ve read here, resonates with you or you have questions, let’s talk! I have created the following sessions to meet and get clear about your needs.

30 min. DISCOVERY SESSION free of charge:

Each person is unique, and each one requires a different treatment.
If you are interested in taking private sessions with me, the first thing is to meet and get to know each other before making any decision. I want to see what your needs are and what are the obstacles that prevent you from achieving what you are looking for.
Then decide if CMR is appropriate for you at this time in your life.

In this session, it will become clear:
– what is the best way to help you, (If I cannot help you, I’ll tell you)
– what your customized program will look like and
– how many sessions will be necessary in your program.

This interview will also give you the opportunity to see how you feel about me on a personal level which is an important part to the success of our work together.

So, if you are interested in requesting a Discovery Session with me, please complete and send me the following form: