What people has to say about the tools they’ve learned, using Cellular Memory Release-CMR

TESTIMONIAL: Paul A. - Attorney in Law – California USA

1. What was your situation before enrolling in the Cellular Memory Release – CMR session’s program?

I was having some anger management issues and was thinking about taking an anger management class. I was feeling stuck in moving forward with marketing my new career and creating a website. I had some sort of internal resistance that was keeping me from moving forward. I was feeling stuck and in a familiar, “what do I do now?” space. I received an e-mail from CMR and after talking to Luis on the phone, I decided to sign up for his program. Everything he said resonated with me and my situation.

2. What was the experience of going through the program like?

The program was mind-boggling in its simplicity and effectiveness. Throughout the course, I had moments of recognition of long held patterns and belief systems that no longer served me. But, even better, Luis had concrete tools and systems to use to break through those barriers. I began to notice my old belief and behavior pattern getting in the way of forward progress, and I had tools to work through these. Luis’s presentation and facilitation skills are excellent. His knowledge of the topic is impeccable and his ability to coach and encourage and teach at the same time is first rate. I have taken so many self help courses over the years, but their effects were usually short-lived. From my course with Luis, I am already feeling longer lasting effects and a real impact on who I am and how I am in the world, and my comfort level, self-confidence and happiness. My relationship with my partner has also improved as a result of CMR’s conscious communication methods. This CMR program completely met and exceeded my expectations. I finished the program and have been incorporating what I learned into my life and activities. I am planning on listening to the video-classes portion of the program again soon, just to review and reinforce the learning.

3. What results did you get from going through the Cellular Memory Release program?

As a result of my work with Luis, I recognize patterns of behavior and a belief system that fueled my anger and resulted in the anger management issues. Now, when those begin to arise, I recognize them, and am able to respond differently. I was able to create and launch my own website and begin to advertise my business in different publications. I spoke at a conference about the work I do, and I was able to do so proudly and effectively. I do not think that would have been as easy as it was, or even possible, before I took Luis’s program.

4. How was the work you did using CMR, different from other work you did before?

I think the CMR program is different than other programs I have taken because of the long-term effectiveness of it and my ability to apply these concepts to any particular issue that has arisen since I completed the program. I think the part of the program that deals with the deprogramming of negative belief systems is perhaps the most critical distinction between this and other programs. The ability to first sort of “wipe the slate clean”, before reprogramming with positive beliefs that are aligned with my own personal values and needs, is critical in the success of the process. The clear, simple instructions and success were personally motivating to me to continue. And, the process continues to be effective.

5. Would you recommend this program to other people? Why?

I would definitely recommend CMR to other people (and I already have!) In my younger years, I was a bit of a personal self-help junkie. I read many books and attended many workshops. Luis’s course is by far the most effective. I could immediately implement what I learned, continue to practice it during the program, get feedback from Luis as I progressed, ask questions, and practice more. This way, I am now able to process and evolve by utilizing the techniques I learned in the program, for myself, on myself, now and in the future. I’m so happy I took this program!

TESTIMONIAL: Sam L., Electrical ingeneer. Australia

1. What was your situation before enrolling in the Cellular Memory Release – CMR session’s program?

My situation, generally speaking, was “OK”, however I was still seeking improvement in some áreas of my life, even after years of trying many different courses and techniques, there was no real lasting success. When I came across an interview of Luis his CMR program stood out to me as it appeared to deal with the underlying drivers behind our behaviors and motivations, which I actually understood, but I had not come across anyone directly working (properly) with them.

2. What was the experience of going through the program like?

Luis was a pleasure to work with, a real professional. What stood out was his passion to help people and his comprehensive knowledge and experience. His professionalism was evident by his gentle manner… very approachable, yet direct, as well as a definite, no nonsense approach. It was easy to discuss any matter with him. He presented his message in a very simple to understand way, and was results focused. The program was a great success in terms of results, however the course is built on learning techniques and tools to manage any situation that may arise in the future, so I could not highly recommend it enough to anyone seeking life skills as well as lasting results.

3. What results did you get from going through the CMR program?

I experienced wonderful improvements in myself, and a breakthrough from the very first sessión. I was able to reach an understanding of my personal issues playing out, and reléase energies stuck in the body using the CMR technique. I was able to connect with dozens of emotions that were stuck in my body and discharge them. There was profound emotional changes, and as a result of that physical changes and improvement too.

4. How was the work you did using CMR, different from other work you did before?

The main differentiator to me from others I have worked with previously is most of them teach from the (thinking) mind, i.e. teaching strategies to change external circumstances, which may work for some people, or have limited or no success for others. While not dismissing the value on making goals and taking action in life, Luis correctly identified how to achieve real change by healing the emotional pain body, and his course focused on a lot on practical aspects and exercises.

5. Would you recommend the CMR program to other people? Why?
I definitely recommend Luis’ CMR program to other people who want real improvement in their life situation; Luis’ properly understands the real drivers of human behavior and I found his CMR program simple to follow, yet informative, practical, and very effective for people committed to their self-improvement.

I remember really clearly what prompted me to go see Luis. I kept hearing these amazing stories of getting help, and people were just raving, and so I just had to go check him out for myself. For my own self, my own journey, and trying to be happier, and deal with my stuff, I was just really curious. Actually what I did is I went to one of the free seminars to go check him out. When I went for the demonstration I just got a really good vibe. It was just like, wow, this guy seems really cool, I really trust him, and it was at that point I decided to schedule an appointment with him. He struck me as being so easy going, and non-pretentious, and easy to be around… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003 Margo – Non-profit Professional & Mother Interviewer: What made you contact Luis originally?


Software Consultant

I had suffered from depression since I was a teenager. For about 8 years, from the time I was 22 until I was 30, I saw a psychiatrist weekly–or almost weekly–for those entire 8 years. I had tried over 15 antidepressants, probably 25 different combinations of things, and had done all sorts of different types of talk therapy. I had seen several of the country’s top psychiatrists and gotten many second opinions, but nothing helped. I was thinking of trying electric shock treatment because that was the last thing that traditional western medicine offered to me. Then some friends referred me to Luis. I flew from the east coast out here to Nevada City, and spent three weeks here. I saw Luis three times a week. In those few weeks, the sessions with Luis began to significantly alleviate the depression and terror for me. I’m sorry I gave you such a long answer. I get so excited by it!… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003


As a practitioner, Luis was recommended to me by two people whose opinions meant a lot. I was going through a very rough time including heavy depression, anxiety, insomnia, a lack of a sense of self, and some physical ailments as well.

I remember meeting my friend, and he showed me how to do the “chop” (Psychological Reversal). He told me I was going to need it a lot. It turned out later to be very true, as my self-esteem was low and I was beating up on myself. I felt very much like a victim… click for more

Posted on August 23, 2003



I became acquainted with Luis shortly after I had finished reading The Power of Now [by Eckhart Tolle]. As fate would have it, I had picked up the book, and read it. I was just amazed by the book. Then, one day on my way to work, I was listening to KVMR and they were talking about a Power of Now group that had formed in Nevada City. I was like, “Wow, that’s amazing!” and they gave a number and I called.

I went to the session and met Luis that night at the Power of Now meeting. He began talking about the book, and about working on being present, and I thought this was wonderful… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003



Interviewer: Why did you originally come to see Luis; what made you call him?

Katherine: Well actually, I wanted to know more about Eckhart Tolle’s work and a friend that I had met invited me to attend a group — one of the Monday night groups [Power of Now] — and I originally went for that purpose.

Interviewer: Thank you. Did you have any particular problem or symptoms that perhaps prompted you to set up a session with him?

Katherine: Yes, I’ve had chronic problems in the pelvic area without a lot of resolution. I have been in medical treatment — the medical model — and not getting much relief… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003


Health Practitioner

Generally when I went to see Luis, it was usually with some frustration regarding an experience in my life, at work, for example. Or difficulty with someone I would be interacting with, and wanting to feel more comfortable in the situation.

One of the main values I received from working with Luis is learning tools that I could use myself to help me deal with pain that I was experiencing in the Pain Body… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003


I never would have believed that I could actually have a memory released as I did with the fact that I made the decision about myself when I was thirteen years old – 57 years ago – that there was something wrong with me, and that is what caused the depression that I had. There was so much anger around it. I definitely feel less anger now… click for more Posted on August 23, 2003


It seems like lifetimes ago when I first went to see Luis. I had seen other very good healers. It would get help, but nothing that seemed to get to the root of my problem.

 I had a number of symptoms, but mostly what they centered around was a basic inability to move in my artwork and past certain traumatic experiences I had undergone… click for more
Posted on August 23, 2003


Since several processes we have done I have found it so much easier to find joy in everything and everyone. Now my upset moments are short lived and I am smiling a lot. Someone has just told me that I have changed and when I asked how, she said that I look like someone who is in love. Quite a complement.

I have also found it more pleasurable to play piano again and somehow find it easier and effortless. All your support has also paid of with my husband who seems somehow more supportive and loving. And this is just because I have dived into your course and private sessions.

Thank you for everything. I would certainly recommend the course and the process to anyone looking for their lost self.

Posted on August 13, 2011


From the very first class, the course gave me concepts and effective techniques with which to deal with my situation. It became clear to me that accumulated, unprocessed issues from my past were very much at work in my present, to my detriment.

I had encountered several of the components of the CMR methodology before, but in CMR they seemed to work synergistically. The time Luis has spent studying a wide variety of healing modalities is evident. The classes & exercises are so well-designed that techniques are introduced and established into practices, working beautifully and powerfully together as the course progresses.

Quite simply, this is one of the most useful and empowering courses of study I have ever taken. I feel lighter. I am able to observe what is unfolding in my life with so much more clarity. I will be using these techniques for the rest of my life. I highly recommend this course to my friends, or anyone who is serious about healing his/her life…

Thank you, Luis.
Posted on August 30, 2011


Luis’ Fundamentals of Relationship teaching the basics of his Cellular Memory Release is so helpful. Personally the main benefit was gaining a deeper recognition of emotions buried so deep i had not been able before to get to, however with his mentorship i got to some core patternings and that was freeing.

Posted on August 30, 2011


This class is really wonderful. It is packed with valuable information and powerful transformational tools you can use for a lifetime. It’s all presented in a clear, compassionate style with plenty of time for questions and dialogue, and you receive detailed handouts that give you all of the information so that you can go back to review them anytime. There are so many amazing tools covered in this class. I find myself using them frequently.
Posted on August 30, 2011


Luis’ Relationships course featuring the Fundamentals of the Cellular Memory Release has proved to be one of the best energy release practices I’ve learned. This course offers cutting-edge tools and insights into relationships that are completely new to me. It has transformed how I regard every important family and other relationship and opened new possibilities for my work. Thank you, Luis!

Posted on August 13, 2011


I had a few consultations with Luis and then a 10 week course on CMR. People have called me overly sensitive all my life and through this course, I came to a deep understanding of these sensitivities (as labeled). Emotions are a solution, not a problem. Their is a process of gaining emotional understanding and healing and because of the classes, I can now say that I can see my value for the first time in my life. I am becoming my own best friend and my life is improving in relationships, work and I have returned to college to finish my education. My life has gradually taken speed in improving. I’m gaining inner peace.
Posted on August 13, 2011


Over the course of the nine classes, the various topics gave me true insight into the role(s) I had developed for myself and the responsibility I have for remembering who I really am. Highlights included experiencing self empathy and forgiveness for poor choices I made in the past and meeting my older, future self and seeing how much love and energy she was exuding! I love having been given tools to change the way I communicate and to let go of being rescued and/or rescuing others. I am putting the fundamentals of CMR to work in my everyday life and they are definitely improving the quality of my connection with my self and others…
Posted on August 30, 2011