Luis Diaz International Best-selling book

Most of the physical, psychological and emotional blocks come from and power disturbances of our organs, internal glands, joints, muscles, and often are the direct result of the way we perceive our lives and the experiences we go through. Those images we have of ourselves and those belief systems we build control our lives.

For over a decade, Luis Angel Diaz – Argentine therapist based in California, USA. States develops methods .- effective access to information through mind-body CMR, Cellular Memory Release, a methodology that integrates elements Oriental medicine, quantum physics, Programming Neuro Linguistic (NLP), hypnotherapy, energy psychology, Touch for Health, specialized kinesiology and other disciplines.


Memory in the cells includes his personal experience of life and presents different ways to realize the deeper layers and less recorded from past experiences that left marks on our physical, mental and emotional.

Opening to this information and releasing our cellular memory gives us the ability to transform this challenge into a gift and live more fully