What is Cellular Memory Release-CMR?

CMR is a holistic approach to healing and personal growth, where we recognize the interconnectedness of the mind, body, emotions, and spirit addressing issues in a practical way that is accessible to anyone who is willing to learn and grow.

We acknowledge the importance of the body’s intelligence and its central role in the healing process. Body-centered awareness is emphasized, exploring sensations, postures, and movements as gateways to deeper self-understanding and healing.

In CMR we recognize the deep significance of emotional release. We believe that unresolved emotions can be stored in the body for decades and we provide techniques and practices to facilitate the safe expression and release of those trapped emotions.

CMR emphasizes the exploration of unconscious or subconscious patterns, beliefs, and memories bringing these underlying factors into conscious awareness, allowing individuals to gain insight, resolve conflicts, and make positive changes.

In CMR mindfulness and present-moment awareness are incorporated as a core principle. Participants are encouraged to cultivate a non-judgmental and curious attitude towards their experiences, fostering self-awareness and self-compassion.

The CMR process:

The goal of this process is to help you heal and transform yourself. There is really no linear sequence in Cellular Memory Release. You’ll experience or journey into yourself, applying an effective synthesis of tools that will support you through the maze of unknown areas of yourself and gradually lead you to a place of awareness and healing. Just as energy behaves at the quantum level, this process fosters many possibilities to heal the holistic being that you are.

The cells in which past physical or emotional trauma is stored, operate in a survival pattern based on something that is no longer real or current for anyone but the person maintaining the pattern.


During the application of the CMR Process, you will experience:

– One or more repressed memories being revealed through awakening the information stored in your body’s intelligence.
– One or more unconscious belief patterns being revealed through presence and observation.
– Layers of negative emotional charge associated with the memories stored in your body are brought into “awareness.” They are then felt, released and transformed into positive emotional charge. This dynamic is natural to your body and highly spontaneous. In CMR, we call this experiential process; “PBR-Pain Body Release”.
– One or more Brain integration corrections being determined and applied by your facilitator. These can vary from very simple corrections to ones with more depth and involvement. It all depends on what is necessary to support the healing process.
– Special support activities may be necessary to further support the process and ground the changes permanently into your being.

There are four main skills to develop when you learn how to apply the CMR process to yourself:

1 – The ability to wake up your body’s intelligence, which includes developing your emotional intelligence. This will allow you to listen to your body, and receive the hidden messages inside physical and emotional feelings.
2 – The ability to be aware and reconnect with your genuine values. Very different from cultural values! Your self-knowledge will deepen while you align yourself with your real priorities, your talents and your purpose in life.
3 – The ability to discover the patterns that affect your life and the people you love. You will become a specialist in your own programming and you’ll be able to de-activate toxic beliefs and reprogram them accordingly.


If you want to know more about CMR private sessions or courses, please, send an email to info@cellularmemory.org

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