How does it work?

As CMR is a practical process, we avoid intellectual or philosophical discussions during the sessions, which in most cases, create even more confusion.
If what brings you to our programs is intellectual curiosity or a desire to discuss and talk about the CMR theory, private sessions are not the place for it.
There is enough information to satisfy those questions on this website, in the bestseller, “Memory in the Cells” and in our YouTube channel:

Important concepts to know before you take a CMR program:

No one can really tell you how a session will be for you, since each session is unique and depends on the intelligence of each person’s body and your body has all the information recorded in it. The best way to understand this process, is to experience it
for yourself.

  • At CMR we are not interested in "giving you the fish" but in "teaching you how to fish". When you have learned to do the work by yourself, "we’ll leave you fishing on your own". In other words, it is a process that does not create dependency, where you’ll leave empowered, ready to continue growing in your own life.
  • The CMR process is not psychotherapy, counseling, or talking therapy. It’s not hypnosis, psychic work, channeling. Neither is a cult or a religion.
  • The role of the facilitator is not to advise, counsel or resolve your situation. The CMR facilitator will not analyze or judge what you say or what happens during a session.
  • During these sessions you are going to learn new things about yourself and most important, you’ll unlearn dysfunctional patterns that you’ll need to leave behind in order to make the changes you are looking for.
  • There is no need for physical contact with the facilitator during a CMR session. You will be present and aware to make decisions and in control of all your physical and mental functions. A session is carried out while you are sitting down in the comfort of your home or at the facilitator’s office if you happen to live in the same area. Otherwise, you can be located anywhere around the world.
  • When you decide to take a CMR session program, you enter into a relationship with your facilitator for a certain period of time. Luis Díaz wants you to know that a facilitator cannot do the work for you. Without your active participation, the CMR process does not have the transformative power that it’s designed to have.
  • However, if you want to see how CMR unfolds for other people, you can read the last chapters of the book, “Memory in the Cells”, where there are several sessions described in detail. There are also several videos on YouTube where CMR professionals and their clients talk about their experiences.

Our privacy policy.

All personal information and details of your private life revealed during a CMR session, are completely personal, private and confidential. Communication during a CMR phone session is strictly one-on-one and will not be overheard by anyone other than you and the facilitator running the session.

How can I take a CMR Sessions Program?

To start, you’ll have to apply for a free of charge, 30 minutes personal interview or Discovery Session.