Through pain experiences, something in our deepest self can make its way to our consciousness and shine. Pain can be our ally, teacher, and guide.When consciously experienced, it is, paradoxically, a gate leading to the release of suffering.

Consciously lived, pain may lead us to a place that is like home, as if coming back to it. Most humans live in a state of unconscious suffering that is largely artificial. Sages and spiritual teachers of all time have said that this state is like daydreaming, a fantasy, a product of imagination.

Hinduism, for instance, calls it maya, the theatrical play the world is, a creation of gods, only a stage in a divine game. Regardless of the name we put on it, it’s a state of being in which we make everything we can to be different from what we actually are. Thus, as under a hypnotic trance or a spell, we live our lives profoundly identified with that which is untrue. And we can remain in that state until the end of our life. Indeed, that’s what happens with most humans.

Excerpt from Memory in the Cells by Luis Diaz (book available on October 5th 2010)
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