Every human being has a unique life. As there are not two blades of grass that are exactly the same, there does not exist and won’t ever exist, someone exactly like you or like me. The combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual material is a unique masterpiece that cannot be duplicated.

The human body is formed by cells that grow, differentiate, and multiply, carrying with them the basic information obtained at the instant they were conceived. This unique combination of info-energy is the foundational matrix of a human life until death, at which time the hologram disintegrates. Our body’s cells are the building blocks of the hologram that represents a human being, which is in turn the main vehicle of the existential experience we call “my life.”

carries physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual information

Also lodged in them are the impressions of our mental, emotional, and spiritual experiences. The cells keep information of all our genetic conditioning and of all our past experiences. This information is unconsciously alive in us, determining our every physical, emotional, and mental pattern.

We are an Energy Conglomerate Vibrating

and Resonating just like a Musical Note

The cells of our hologram carry with them all the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual information. Our cells transport the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) including the genetic imprint and the complete design of our body.

The whole of humanity is somehow represented in each and every cell of our body. None of the positive or negative experiences we have escapes the highly conditioned design of our hologram. Our conscious life is like the tip of an iceberg, the visible portion representing only 3 to 5 percent of the whole that we actually are. Th e submerged portion of the iceberg is the subconscious portion of our life, the one that permeates cells with information and memory. The subconscious operates as if it were behind a veil, conditioning our way of perceiving and responding.

excerpt from the book, Memory in the Cells, by Luis Diaz

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