There is a tale about a beggar in India who sat daily in the street outstretching his hand to passersby for alms, without knowing that the box on which he was sitting was full of gold coins! All of us—the good and the bad, the wise and the ignorant, the spiritual and the agnostic—have within us this powerful place I call the core of well-being. It is the power source that makes us what we are and keeps our bodies alive and vibrant. It is in charge of all of our vital functions—of movement, the mind, the emotions, growth, self-healing, and reproduction. As long as we are alive, we have within us this core of well-being. Every living creature is supported by this power source. In human beings, it is unfortunately drowned under layer upon layer of pain, created by energy contractions that separate us from this state of well-being. Human beings are designed to be able to transform pain, and to accumulate it as we usually do goes against that original design, condemning us to live in a very limited and conditioned way. Gates leading to the core of wellbeing are opened when one lets sensations and emotions be at every moment without censoring, observing that“what is, is such as it is.” To permit and accept what happens to us does not mean that we like it or we agree with everything that is happening to us. On the other hand, to make an alliance with “what is” stimulates being present to our own life. That state of being goes beyond the present moment and connects us with the matrix supporting all that exists. When we react and resist what is happening, we are not present. We filter everything through the artificial image we have been told about life and how things should be. Instead, when we are present, we make an alliance with life, and then the whole of creation makes sense and befriends us.