“Memories are not only stored in the brain, but also in the psychosomatic network extending throughout the body, along the connections between organs and even in our skin surface.”
—Candace Pert

What Is Cellular Memory?: the Human Bio-Computer I often compare the human body with a very sophisticated computer. In this magnificent bio-computer, the brain isn’t the only place where memories are stored. I have observed that we also have a cellular memory in which experiences that condition our life in a profound way are recorded. Our cellular memory is a complex set of files lodged in the human bio-computer. It contains information about our genetic inheritance and all our individual history; it is an accurate recording of our life imprinted on each of our cells like a logbook. Information stored in the cell includes: the experiences of the soul, the experiences of our ancestors, the culture in which we have been raised, and our own experiences.

Each cell of our body has a memory, and each human being has a unique total memory. This memory informs and permeates our being, belongs, and is both of our body as well as of our mind and spirit. Stored in the cellular memory are all of the conscious and unconscious patterns that create behaviors that do not allow us to feel at peace with ourselves. Cellular memory affects the way we perform our daily routine tasks, as well as the way we react to stress and face our emotional challenges. If past wounds kept in our cellular memory are not healed, they may limit our freedom and cause illnesses to occur. The human energy field keeps our memory and imprints energy information or “info-energy” on each and every cell of our physical body.
The sum of all these memories gives origin to a unique energy broth we call “self image,” composed of every physical, mental, and emotional trait, tendency, talent, or shortcoming we have had in our life. Therefore, each of us vibrates in a unique energy frequency. We are energy beings that generate or attract our own “lives” in terms of the frequencies that resonate within us.

Extracted from the book “memory in the cells” by Luis Diaz