For me, communicating with the intention of making a heart connection is profound. It changes what I say and how I say it. I listen in a different way… and my relationships are transformed. Applying NVC has not been a formula for success. It takes attention and lots of practice, and I still don’t always connect in the way that I would like to. But it’s all a process, isn’t it? Now I finally have tools that allow me to engage in “authentic” communication.


In the video above Marshall talks about how important it is to listen to the feelings and needs of the people we talk to. What is alive in them? People may express themselves in life-alienating ways because they are in pain, but underneath the pain are authentic feelings and beautiful needs. When we can connect to those, we start down a road of understanding. How do you feel when you listen to Marshall speak? What’s alive in you when you consider connecting to your (and the other person’s) feelings and needs? Are there any experiences that you{d like to share?