TODAY, Tuesday October 5th, is the official launch of my brand new book , Memory in the Cells: how to change behavioural patterns and release the pain body.

Memory in the Cells is described as being, “an enriching opportunity to immerse ourselves in the exciting world of inner liberation.” I have been a holistic therapist and teacher in the fields of nutrition, herbalism, oriental medicine, kinesiology, acupuncture and emotional release methods for almost two decades. After the death of mywife in 1998, I experienced a profound transformation, wherein I learned how to explore emotions and pain at a much deeper level than I had ever imagined before. This transformation resulted in the development of the Cellular Memory Release process (CMR) that I explain in detail in the book Memory in the Cells.

Thousands of listeners got to know me last week, when I and author Lynn Serafinn co-hosted the 3-Day Telesummit entitled, “Emotional Healing at a Cellular Level.” If you were amongst these listeners, you heard  Lynn when she said, “Luis Diaz’s passion for this subject is genuinely driven by his desire to help people understand and embrace their emotions—even the painful ones—and move from a place of suffering to the experience of true joy.”

The launch starts officially at 12:01 AM Pacific, Tuesday October 5th. If you purchase Memory in the Cells on the day of its launch, you can receive a complete library of personal development gifts from dozens of leading authors, coaches, healers and teachers on the subject of healing and self-awareness.

To purchase the book can claim your bonus gifts, just go to

There you will find links to purchase the book from Amazon (US, Canada and UK), and instructions on how to claim your bonus gifts including one from me. I am  also offering a FR*EE 2-part online class on the principles and methods taught in the book, so you can learn how to apply CMR in your own life.

Buy Memory in the Cells by Luis Angel Diaz on Oct 5th
and can claim your bonus gifts at

When you look at all the bonus gifts, don’t worry about not having enough time to download them all. As long as you purchase the book during the launch, you’ll have access to the download page until October 22nd.

In Awareness and Healing

Luis Díaz