“victim virus” is to the human energy field what pollution is to a healthy natural pond.when pollution stagnates and kills the life of a pond.

“To play the role of victim is part of a very old cultural model, as old as our civilization. We find this pattern in all of human history. Today, it’s present in the books we read, in the TV programs we watch, in the daily news, in religions, in national and international politics, in schools, in couples, in the family, in friendships, and so on and so forth.

We’re so used to this role that it has become an addiction. In fact, this addiction is a socially accepted one in which much physical, mental, and emotional misery is perpetuated.

To be a victim is a cultural game that has already taken, and continues to take, many casualties among us. The person who plays the role of victim is suffering for different reasons and causes. She may suffer because of:

  • unfulfilled basic needs,
  • physical ailments or illnesses,
  • lack of energy, fatigue,
  • helplessness,
  • despair,
  • indifference,
  • unachieved recognition,
  • confusion,
  • betrayal,
  • physical, emotional, or sexual abuse,
  • or because she has been manipulated, exploited, oppressed, abandoned, persecuted, among other things.

The resonance that is activated when we feel like a victim generates unconscious thoughts and behaviors, and we find ourselves silently or outwardly complaining, blaming ourselves or others, or life, or God. This chronic complaining state creates inner contractions that prevent essential energies from flowing as they should, and

drains our vital force. This is extremely debilitating.

Furthermore, we can’t make the most of the experience we’re living and will repeat them endlessly in various ways. The victim “virus” leads us to perceive ourselves as an entity separated from the whole, having constantly to defend or attack.

According to the law of attraction and its principles, when we send out the resonance of “the victim,” we attract to us persons and situations that will make us suffer.

This “VIRUS” also gives rise to a CHRONIC FEAR RESONANCE and sets forth a vicious cycle:

  • the more afraid I am, the more separated I feel;
  • the more separated I feel, the more alone I am;
  • the more alone I am, the more I must protect myself from what others may do to me, or from what can happen to me;
  • the more I must protect and defend myself, the more I blame;
  • the more I blame and accuse the other, the more separated I feel;
  • and the more separated I feel, the more afraid I am.

In this vicious cycle, the ROOT CAUSE of human suffering returns to its beginnings.”

Neural Net Repatterning (NNR) is part of the CMR process to deactivate the ROOT CAUSE of the suffering-addiction.